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Okay, so when I told you about Pokemon X, I didn't say everything. When I chose Oshawott, my Mom brought in a Oshawott plush. None the less, when Banette appeared, she brought in a Banette doll and said "Here. It's morbidness reminds me of you." WTF!? I thought she loved me. When Banette used Bullet Punch, the plush actually walked over to the Oshawott plush and punched it. Then the Oshawott plush caught on fire. Hence, burned in Hell. When Banette 'aimed at me', it turned toward me. Then, it pulled out a machine gun (Miniature? No. Creepy? Hell yes.) and shot me, then dismembered my arm. BTW, HE'S COMING FOR YOU NEXT.

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