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It's a normal day. I'm only on house. I'm get a letter... But, this letter was sent by anonymous. In this letter was inserted a CD. I'm run to computer. A CD get a Pokemon game. Extension is "*.die", but it is ignored. That's my big wrong. I'm open this file. All is normal. I'm go to Brock, but music is not normal. This look-alike music from horror game. And, this Pokemons is horror game. Brock is scary. His face is look a dead. I'm start a battle, and ignoring it's. First Brock pokemon is Ghost Geodude. Next pokemon is look a new. His all atacks is saying: "Die!", "Run!" or "You fool!". I'm win this game. Now, i'm start battle with Pikachu. His deafeted me. A "Game Over" screen is a bloody screen remake of Pokemon Leaf Green start screen. I'm want end the game, but menu get one options - "Die!". I'm try off computer. But, this not effect. At last, i'm off computr from energy. Computer is off. I'm run to bathroom. I'm exit from bathroom, but my house is in blood. I'm run to main room. In this room i'm looking a nightmare. A bloody dead Bulbasaur-devouver eat my family. I'm run, but too late. Bulbasaur eat me. I'm exit from normal sleep. I'm go to computer, but computer don't get a CD with Pokemon!

That's tomorrow. I'm back from school. I thought - "That's normal day". But no. A this nightmare is happening in real. But, i'm now run from Bulbasaur teeth. I'm return to house at next day. My family is lived. I'm go to my room. But, i'm looked a Bulbasaur-devouver image in my computer wallpaper. I'm saying this to my family, but my family looked a my normal wallpaper. Only me can looked a this scary wallpaper. I'm restart computer, but that's no effect.I'm try edit a wallpaper, but options is blocked. I'm looked that wallpaper on all computer. Next day - a wallpaper is now invading my TV. In this day dead my sister. Next day - dead my dad. Next day - my mom. And last day - puppy... All people who's seeing me, dead in next day. I'm delete a CD with Pokemon.die. And, all peoples, animals, on more lived. A curse is dead. All bad power is deafeted... Or no...

Credited to MrSlime1212

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