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the blood

When i was Young i wanted Pokemon Red but my Parents say it was a Baby game. When i got older i Order Pokemon Red But it was High Price. So i downloaded it in VisualBoy Advance i looked for the game but one game popped up it said BloodyRed.gb so i downloaded it. It said You must Download the save file with it so i did. So i started the game when i saw a continue then i clicked new game but it said YOU MUST COMPLETE SAVED GAME. So i used the saved game the character had 8 Badges his name was James his character looked like the kid in the johto Gen. 2 but he had long hair. This Character Lived in Lavender Town he hade 3 Pokemon the first one was a bloody pikachu the secound one was eevee she looked fine but her tail was gone the third one was a Bloody shiny Charizard that had been Tortured. When i went in Pokemon Tower it sended me to Prof. Oaks lab he had the last Pokeball it was a Squirtle then i went back to Lavender Town there were team rockets killing Cubone's Mother so i went to Cubone and i got him Cubone was sad he was next to me he wanted a new home so i got Cubone and went to Cinnabar Island when i was there somebody gave me a fossil called Dream Fossil. So i went to the lab i gave the scientist my Dream Fossil. When i took couple steps back the scientist was already finished it gave me a Hypno. I saved the game and the doorbell ringed it said here is your prize. It was a Cubone plushie i remember i bookmarked the website from the game so i would say a feedback to the game. When i went to the website it said Website not exist but i continued playing the game for entertainment but the person i will never hear of ever again

Thanks For Reading

This is my first Creepypasta with a happy ending and my firsat creepypasta thank you for reading



P.S. When i read lots of Pokemon creepypasta and listen to the lavender town theme over and over it inspired to make one so dont report it it took me 2 hours to think and this is a true story about me somebody made a homebrew pokemon gb computer game and they sended me a real cubone Plush


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