Pokemon Golden White Edition

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I'm a big fan of Pokemon creepy pasta, but this is a real story! One day me and my friend nathan went to a game store(specific name will not be given) because the Japanese Pokemon Black and White had come out recently but when we got there it was sold out, however on my way out something caught my eye, It was a Golden, White, sparkling case for game boy color. As i got closer to it i realized it read "Pokemon Golden white edition" and it had a shiny Eevee on it riding a Ho-Oh. I picked it up and went to the cashier, i asked him "how much", he replied "hmm $2.50". I payed the money and as i was walking out he said "never seen that cartridge before". When we got to Nathans house, i popped the game into my special edition Pickachu game boy and i started to play. The title screen appeared and i hit start and the game started. As i suspected there was already a save game but there wasnt any "new game" or "options". I hit "A" and the game started, and i saw a sprite of me and my friend Nathan. The sprites were walking and they saw a shiny eevee whereas they proceeded to battle it, but we didnt even send out a pokemon instead there was a text saying "You Beat Eevee to death". Then the game turned off and started resetting itself, then it sent me to the main menu were it said "New Game". I pressed "A" and it showed me running to Nathan's house with a shiny Eevee, it also said we were in region called "Canoda" which sounded like "Canada". I saw that Nathan had a shiny female Wooper named "Shelly", so i named my Eevee "Lilith". Then we proceeded to beat all the gyms and then the Elite 4 and the Champion but after him both Pokemon went mad and turned a dark shade of red then they forgot all their moves. Then "Lilith" learned "Sharp Claw" (the description read "kills opponent in one hit"). Then it said "fly to Mount Gulcor Yes/No" we said yes and then the game said "we had to kill our pokemon" then it automatically made all our pokemon faint and disappear. Then the game crashed. then Nathans Doorbell rang so we went to it and found a package containing a bloody shiny eevee and wooper. So we did the appropriate thing. We Burned them!

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