Pokemon Purple

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i got went 2 a yard sale i saw pokemon i playd pokemmon when i was youngr and it just was blank cratrdige it said "Pokemon Purple" i quikly bout it the sales men sayd JUST TAKE IT ITS REALLY SPOOKY IT KILLED ME, then he died so i went home and put it in my sega game gear and it started up with pikachu running at me except he was PURPLE and super hyper realistic blood was coming out of him, i almost jumped out of my pants it spooked the hex outta me, when it got to title screen it gave me 3 options, new game, options and u r gunna die, i got real curious about u r gonna die so i clicked on that and then a scary realistic scream popped up!!! I almost died, so then i went to take a piss, when i came back my game boy was having aids so i took it to docotr and then it bleed and died. This was scariest thing i ever expierence i think i might never play pokemomn again!!!! really scary pikture of pikachu

Credited to TheToastDude

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