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I was playing my favorite game, pokemon blue, when the doorbell rang. No one else was home, so I answered it. I opened the door to find nothing but a scratched up copy of the game Pokèmon Gold. Not thinking, I grabbed it and went straight to my room to put it in to my gameboy. During the intro though, the black dragon suddenly burst into flames and fell. To my surprise, the gameboy started to violently shake and make noise it wasn't capable of making. Then, without warning, came a collision of flares and lights of all different colors, and then the gameboy stopped. Literally just stopped and floated there in midair. I closed my eyes, and opened them to find the gameboy with blood red screen, staring at me. At that moment I punched to power button. Without thinking, I grabbed my gameboy and ran to the police. BAD IDEA. As soon as I handed it to one of them, the policeman jumped, and then stopped in midair just like the gameboy. He blew up, and standing there was a bloodied chrarmander. Suddenly, I woke up. My gameboy lying on the ground, perfectly normal, with pokèmon gold still in it. I got it, and like an IDIOT, started it up. Nothing out of the ordinary to my surprise. I collected about 20 pokèmon when I dozed off. I woke up about 5 hours later, staring. Staring at the first pokemon I got, all the games, every one of them, an eyeless, bloodied, charmander.

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