Politics of Lazy Town

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I don't understand how politics work in Lazy Town. They have a mayor, and in the theme song there's posters asking voters to reelect the mayor, but there's like three adults who live in the town, including the mayor and his kinda sorta girlfriend, so that's already 2/3 of the vote going to the mayor. I feel like Robbie Rotten might be too lazy to even go out and vote, and I'm not even sure if he's technically a legal citizen of Lazy Town. I think it's safe to say that Sportacus doesn't technically live in Lazy Town since he lives in his airship and usually only goes to the town when someone's in trouble. But I feel like the mayor would have an unfair advantage in any election. Do the kids have parents that we never see? And if so, why do we never see them? Are the kids allowed to vote? Do they have other elected officials besides the mayor? I have so many questions that will just never ever be answered.

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