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Mr bean.png   NSFW WARNING

This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Outlandish parodies of 2015-era YouTube pranks. Don't take it seriously.

You can add more if you want!


  1. Dress like a thug
  2. Go to a bus station
  3. Wait for a school bus to come (make sure it has kids)
  4. Get on bus and threaten everyone
  5. Pull out guns (They're fake ones!1!!!)
  6. Tell them to drive you somewhere (Preferably somewhere silly X3)
  7. Half way up to your destination, reveal that the guns were fake and that it was all a prank


  1. Get in thug outfit
  2. Kidnap someone (A preferably a friend)
  3. Tie them up, gag them, do what you gotta do
  4. Get them in the ban
  5. While you're there make it seem more real by waving guns at him/her
  6. To make it all more scarier, start slowly cutting their flesh off
  7. Before they bleed to death, confess that it was all a prank and take them to the hospital
  8. Make sure you threaten them so they don't tell the police/anyone!


  1. Steal someone's dog/cat
  2. Decapitate them
  3. Store the rest of the body in freezer
  4. Wait until that someone gets worried/sad, starts putting posters everywhere, etc
  5. Prepare a nice lunch with the pet's corpse
  6. Give it to them to "Cheer them up" (Don't reveal that it's his/her pet yet)
  7. The next day, mail them the head with a note containing some bad pun about heads and/or decapitation and explain what you did to the pet, an that it was, indeed, a prank.
  8. Wait until they get over it in order to talk to them again


  1. Choose a random person in the street that you don't care about
  2. Kidnap them (obviously) Make it all seem realistic
  3. Keep them in your attic/basement for 3+ days
  4. One day just go up/down there and say that you'll have to kill them, unfortunately
  5. Say it's for "Teh glory of Patrixx" or something random like that XD XD
  6. Slit their throat with a knife
  7. Put their body near a police station
  8. Attach a note in the body that says "It's just a prank bro"
  9. You'll never get arrested because is just a prank! So DO iT aGaIn

9/11 PRANK

  1. Call up the NSA
  2. Say that you are from Saudi Arabia and you're gonna blow up the State Empire Building
  3. Use an Arab accent for better effect.
  4. Prepare ISIS for World War III
  5. Hijack 4 planes
  6. Fly them into the State Empire Building
  7. Blow up the building
  8. Kill thousands of American citizens
  9. Call up Obama
  10. Say it was just a prank and to look at the camera
  11. Obama will forgive you and you can do it again!


  1. Dress douchy
  2. Get a British accent
  3. Track down Sam Pepper
  4. Get into his house
  5. Kill Sam Pepper (There can only be one)
  6. Rip off his skin
  7. Rip off your skin (You're a skeleton now)
  8. Wear Sam Pepper's skin
  9. Spend the rest of your days doing barely legal pranks!


  1. Live in a parking structure
  2. Find a person who's alone
  3. Kidnap that person
  4. Brutally murder that person
  5. Dump the body in your neighbors pool/backyard.
  6. Repeat until the cops are convinced that it was all your neighbors doing.
  7. Assure the cops and your neighbor it was all a prank!

Youtube Prank

  1. Send a message to fat people to tell them to get a life
  2. Say they should die
  3. Watch the comments roll (ITS JUST A PRANK BRO).


  1. Go on Twitter (or any other social media)
  2. Tell celebrities (the more the merrier) you want to kill them
  3. Let the fangirls harass you
  4. But hey, it's only a prank
  5. Repeat

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