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It was a saturday night was bored on my Computer.I know what to do so I went on paint I made A face oi saved it and I called it R.O.B. the picture I made Was beutiful back then I was only 9 years old. 11 years later as an adult I got an email from gmail it said "I know you are I won't regret what you did to me. I figured out you get leave of me but you won't you'll live in this hell Like us". At that point I was creeped out but I brushed it off as a joke A day later i was on you tube they had a new video called you left me It was just pictures of me just standing there with a gun in my head. there I was creeped out I exited youtube and started playing ib. Later on a face pop up wich made me shit myself bit the face looked like R.O.B I know who it was. All that shit was because of R.O.B the picture I made I knew what I had to do I went to pictures and deleted R.O.B. I was done know more wierd shit everything was normal I sighed with some chills but there was a note in my room it said "you deafeted me bit I'm not done Yet I justed started. At that point every thing in my house Turned off I heard water dripping and footsteps and a voice saying "Oh Richard" Something grabbed me.

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