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Roblox has always been a popular game. With over a thousands of player. What was I thinking, Millions! I have always been adicted to this game. One night, while I was playing, My friend said he found a great game. My friend Korblex9000 was really good at picking games. I went to this server that was named "ROBLEX". After I spawned he was there and suddenly needed to go, he said that I should play it because it was fun. Soon I was alone. Just like in my house. I continued playing as if it was really fun. But things started going creepily when a person called "ROBLEX" joined. He was the same name of the server's title. Then he spoke my user: "KingZeref10". And he spoke my real name also, "Dan" I personally thought it was a prank of my friend but it got serious when one of the creepiest music played. The song of healing. BACKWARDS.

I was scared as shit because I remembered about Ben Drowned. So I got my sword and mace was ready to fight. I was still afraid because the creepy part was when I was hearing it under my bed. Suddenly "ROBLEX" typed something. I was scared as hell when he finished it, "Do you wanna build a snowman, Dan?". After that I litteraly turned my computer off and went into my neighbor's house. I felt much safer there. After my mom and dad were home I told them everything. They told me it was just a prank and all. But it was no prank. After that I fell asleep. I was in a beautiful dream. It had my favorite song, all my friends,family and food. But then this six words changed everything, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" After that I snapped awake. I was sweating in Puddles. The next morning I played Roblox again. I told mom I was down with a flu so she agreed. "ROBLEX" said he/she/it was waiting for me. After that I just played until he babbled about a secret room. He just waited at spawn until he blurted it all out. He said that In the woods I'll take the path: Left,Right, Right,Right,Left,Middle. I was so confused when the was no door but then I remembered his saying. "say the name of the song that you have heard" I blurted it all. But it only opened when I said Song Of Healing. Creeped me out. After that what I saw was madness, A decal of Jeff,Ben,Slender and Masky all their eyes on ME. I freaked out and destroyed my room, after my rampage my room was pure shit. And then the closet creaked. "HI Dan...Do you want to build a snowman?"

After that all was left of me was my eyes still staring as my mom look at my body. My liver,stomach and even my intestines out. An Ocarina was stuffed in my mouth at the time so I couldn't speak. And with my blood he/she/it painted "Go to sleep". After that...I was no one... I'm six feet under now...

Do you want to Build a Snowman?

Credited to RainbowUnicornRules

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