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It was 7:15AM. I was getting ready for school. My favorite foods are blue grapes (I'm nine years old). I asked my mom to pack me some blue grapes for lunch. She hands me my lunchbag, and I see these unusually large grapes. "Mom", I asked, "Why are these grapes so big?" I said. My mom says, "Son, I picked those outback at grandpa's barn". I said "Oh, okay..."

My mom dropped me off at the school. I rushed into the classroom. I go to the back of my room and set my backpack down. I look at the grapes before I took a seat. These grapes were 2x the size of normal grapes. One of the grapes even looked to be smiling... My teacher told me to take a seat, so I put my lunchbag down. I will further examine them when it's lunch time.

The lunch bell ringed and I quickly ran to the cafeteria. I sat at a table alone, and I examined the grapes. They all looked natural (except for their size), but one caught my attention... This grape had a weird looking stem, It seemed to have big white eyes with very small pupils, a large hand giving a thumbs up, and a very big creepy smile. I thought it was just a deformed grape, and my brother got a hold of it, and drew the eyes and smile. But, the eyes and smile didn't look like drawings... It even sounded like it was breathing... The classroom bell ringed I left the cafeteria.

2:00PM arrived. My mom picked me up from school. She asked if I liked my lunch. "Sure..." I said. We arrived home and I took the grape up to my room. I set the grape on the table and I can hear it breath heavily... "Hello?" I said to the Grape. The grape started breathing more heavily. "C-call me Rapey..." said the grape. I freaked out, because a grape was talking to me! I tried to calm down... "But, y-your name is a bad word?" I nervously said. "Nah..." said the creepy grape. "Okay Rapey... Were are you from?" I said. "You know how the government sprays chemicals on fruits? Yeah, when fruits like me get sprayed to much chemicals on, it gets into our stems, and slowly develops a brain over time... Giving us human intelligences..." Said the grape.

After spending some time with the grape, I asked what his favorite hobby is. "Raping..." he says. "What? How can you rape people? You're a grape!" I explained. "You see that leaf at the end of my stem? Yeah, that's how I rape people". I got a little freaked out... I then asked him how old he is. "I'm 2 years old..." he said., "That's kinda old for a grape..." he explained. My mom tells me to go to bed. I head off to bed, leaving the grape in a container on the table.

I dozed off and felt something touching me in the lower parts of my body... I pull the covers off and I see Rapey. I asked what he was doing. "Are you stupid!? Do you realize I can't go a day without raping!? If I do, I'll DIE!" he yelled furiously. "O-oh okay..." I said very nervously. "So, are you gonna let me do my thing here or what!?" yelled the scary grape. I jumped out of bed and ran into the closet. I locked the closet door and grabbed a hammer.

I hear Rapey trying to squeeze his way under the door... Before I struck him with the hammer, I asked why he's like this. "The chemicals.... They're hurting... MY BRAIN!" he screamed. I knew what was going on... There's way too much chemicals in his brain, and it's making him want to rape. I ran to the garage to go grab a shot. I ran pack into my room and ejected it into his brain. I took the shot out and I waited...

Rapey looked up at me... "You still wanna play?" he said in a very creepy tone. I got the hammer and it Rapey with it. But nothing happened, he was still alive. Rapey approached me... "I'VE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME FOR THIS!" he yelled. I did what I had to do... I grabbed him and scarfed him down my throat.


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