Reaction to No Nut November (Copypasta)

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I just want to talk about this shit that came straight outta the fuckboy dictionary. NO NUT NOVEMBER!! Apparently, a bunch of beta-ass motherfuckers thought it was a good idea to go the entire month of November without dropping a load. And I don't give a fuck, if you ain't spanking it, or you ain't banging it, you ain't no fucking man. "Hey Billy, I have a swell idea, why don't we go the whole month of November without busting a nut, hashtag on Instagram, to show that we're cool" "Well golly jeepers Chad, that sounds rad, that'll give us more time to drink pumpkin spice lattes and hang out at GameStop" FUCK THAT! How about a no-miss-the-gym November, or a no-miss-a-meal November or a no-leaving-your-weights-on-the-fucking-machines-and-walking-away-when-you're-done-like-a-lazy-piece-of-shit November. So ladies, if your man is into no nut November, slide in my dm, I'll give you a night to remember, cause when it comes to sex, I win more than a 300 bowler, when I bend you over, hand on your shoulder, I'll bust more nuts than a wooden toy solider. Swole is the goal, size is the prize, it's gains o'clock motherfucker.

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