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Isn't Red such a beautiful color?

Its just so…elegant and lustful.

It separates the scheme within my doubtful mind,showing my departure from my sanity.

Red is my morphine, my cocaine,my passion…my passion for my hate of the humans sickening soul.

Oh, how red is so marvelous.

Every time I see red it depicts me of the wonders i have done to this world.

Another victim, slaughtered.I love it…the feeling of bringing death, the feeling of bringing torture, the feeling of pure evil.

I love you Red…Never leave me.I..Im so cold without you…


Isn't Red such a beautiful color?"snicker"

Oh, how it trickles down my scarred cheek.

Its so warm, so rich of life…Life for the sinned.

I love you Red…Forever…

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