Reeglur shul (regular show) lost episode

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Rigby doesn't exi---- AAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!

warning-this is shit. don't read...

so in the regular show wourldy its not so regular. and i loves that show but i found a episode that kinda disturbed meh.

the episode-mordeshit and dickby (mordecai and rigby) were killing benson (dickson) with guns. rigby suddenly shot bensons head off and benson slowley fell on the floor and said i'm dead eh... .and mordecai laughed angrilly.

rigby and mordecai flipped over the golf cart and it his muscle dicks (muscle mens) trailer up in the air. muscle men squeeled like a dick stick. and the trailer fell up side down and hit startla that killed her muscle man didn't give a shit and fucked her dead body. (it was gross to me) and muscle men said hi five ghost starla is dead.

hi five ghost (penis ghost) didn't give a shit as he continued looking at his porn magazine.

muscle men peaked behind him and hi fives slapped muscle men.

it then started rainng shit cause got was taking a shit. and after a couple days the shit stopped raining and people tried cleaning the shit but they couldn't so they just fed all the shit to benson. and the last scene showed thomas getting thrown at the wall by muscle men.

and benson was forced to eat it.

and a skeleton popped out! (and ate everybody)

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