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i was looking threw walmart when i founds a dvd named regular show LOST EPISUDE. (they spelled episode wrong but who gives a shit). so the person said i can has it for 555555555 dollars. i said fuck no. and i shits on the guys face and stole the dvd.

i wents home and put it in the dvd player.

duh episode- it was named rigby kills everybody.cit started with mordecais shadow fucking margrets shadow at midnight. mordecai kissed margret and went back to the park. strange how mordecai was so affraid to even kiss margret. it showed rigby crying watching a static TV in the dark. mordecai came back and rigby threw the TV at mordecai and cussed him out and yelled YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU FUCK THAT WHORE AND YOU DON'T PLAY FUCKING VIDEO GAMES YOU BASTARD!!!. rigby kicked moredecai in the dick and broke a beer bottle and cutted him open. rigby then threw a molitove at moredecai and laughed retardedly. benson ran and yelled at rigby and rigby cut bensons neck and ran off. rigby then threw pops out the window and shot him with a sht gun. rigby then broke into muscle mens trailer and stabbed him with a knife and burned down the trailer. rigby then threw a gernade at skips house and it burned. rigby then went to thomases house and ripped his head off and went inside his head and said hi i'm thomas and i'm stupid. rigby then laughed like a douche. rigby then got red in anger and went to margret and ripped her head off. rigby drank the blood and put it in his hot dog and laughed and fell asleep. it then showed rigby crying and said now i has no friends. rigby picked up a gun and shot the wall then himself. the end.

the credits had the troll face and the troll face said U MAD BRO?. i laughed at the joke but was entertained by the episode.

and something shocking happened.

a skeleton popped out...

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