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hi evryone my name is.... my name.... is.... hehe i cant remember.people just say "you died" or "i was at your funeral" thats becos my brother killed our perents and tryed to kill me, he failed to kill me. the people next to us called the cops. the cops found my parents dead, when thay found me i passed out from blood loss. thay brought me to the hospital i had stabs and cuts evrywere. the doctors patced and stitched me up, i ived.... the soul surviver of my big brother manuel's murder. the cops put up a fake funeral for me with ceremony tumbstone and evrything. thay thouth if manuel knew that i was alive he would come back for me... after 5 months in the hospital i grabed a black hoody pants cotton gloves a doctors coat medical instruments a medical kit and a backpack,and escaped. i knew where i needed to go.... when i was in the hospital i saw HIM the... the operator i... i... wait... how.. do i know... his name.... anyway.. i needed to go to THE forest. on my way traveling i got a lot of nicknames like littele one hoody's shadow etc. i picked some nicknames and made a fake name out of it i'm was now known as Riley RedFox. i followed the operator through the states. one night i almost got hit by a car, someone who i now know as masky tackeld me out of the way the car crasht and the woman about 23 and a kid about 18 were puled out of the car the woman was severly ingured an the kid had a cut on his arm and was probebly in shock... he kept twitching.... masky ran of before i could ask him anything... it was chilly here so i cut holes in my hooy for my tums and put the gloves and doctors coat on. a while later there was murder and a forest fire, the operator was involved no doubt.. i stole some files from a store the same day. i was still afraid of manuel but i remember that he said that he would never hurt a animal, so i filed all my teeth to a triangular form and filed them sharp. later in the night i found a fox, killed it and cut of his ears and tail. i sewed the ear on top of my head, i had riped of my own ears so i have only to ears now... i also sewed the tail to my tailbone.. i bandege'd it well. only half my head was wraped in bandeges, thay were... NO are still soaked in blood now i look like a animal... manuel would never hurt me.... i put on a headset that i stole to aply presure to the places where my ears used to be. as i was passing out from blood loss i heared a voice... verry light.... in my head... "voices" was all i said to myself as i pased out. when i whoke up i saw three people sitting in front of me, the man who saved me from the car... and... the kid from the car.. and a girl in a yello hoody. thay introduced themself. tim aka masky, toby aka ticcy toby and christina aka hoody... Masky said "come on HE is ready to see you now Riley. toby: HE wants you to be one of his proxy's hoody: come on little one its time to go. she had a... a robotic gladosy tipe of voice. i didn't care... i could see HIM i could work for HIM! I AM NOW ONE OF HIS PROXY'S,a proxy of the slender man.....

Credited to Riley RedFox

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