Rob Ford's Man-Folds of Fun!

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Rob Ford was rolling to the "drug" store (find your nearest "drug" store, in an alley nearby your house.), one day when he crushed a few members of the paparazzi following him. He tried to stop rolling but he couldn't. So he relaxed for a few minutes, until he arrived at the "drug" store.

The alley way was tight, so he broke some bricks and wood on the walls, of the buildings. The man selling the drugs was staring up at Mr. Ford. "Gimme' some crack, or I shall tear out your insides, cook em', and stuff the, back in you flesh and eat you like a fucking BURRITO, you stuck up BITCH!" Mr. Ford demanded. The drug-dealing man, slowly took out some crack pipes from his bag, when Mr. Ford "rolled" over and took the whole bag, and the crack pipe in the drug dealer's hands. Mr. Ford put them in his folds and rolled away. Standing there the drug dealer hesitated. He then started to masturbate.

Ford, sat on his couch, and snapped it in half. He took the bag out of his folds, and started to smoke a pipe. Few hours later, all the crack was smoked. And Ford was hungry, so he headed down to his basement. There hanging from the walls were sad, cold, starving citizens. "Harvest time!" Mr. Ford yelled. Mr. Ford took down 3 people. One of them started crying, as Mr. Ford looked down at him. "Wh- why a-are you do-doin-doing this to-to us-s??" the one citizen sobbed. Rob Ford, replied with "because I'm fuckin' hungry you little shit!" Mr. Ford put the three people on a chair and tied them to it. He pulled out his trusty butcher axe from his ass folds, and smashed into the heads of the people. He pulled the insides of those dead people out, and threw them in a bag. He went upstairs and threw them into his deep frying machine.

Later on, when the intestines were done baking, he put them in a bowl and ate them.


rob ford masturbates to naked shrimp

Written by Habergeon
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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