Robloxian Revenge: A Very Sad, Short Bully Story

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Roblox bully sotry!!!

Bully: Hey d00d, u kinda suck. U have no frinds and u never will! I’m gonna fricking bully and beat u up bcuz I fricking h8 poors like u and I’m a bully too! I’ll fricking kick u bcuz u fricking suck!

Victim: Well, I didn't fricking do anything. Why are you trying to beat me up? I'm just fricking standing here, and I didn't even fricking do anything. So, why are you bullying me? Maybe you should be kind to others.

Bully: I don't care, I'll still fricking kick you. (Kicks him)

Victim: NOOOOOOOONONONO!!! Oh my fricking god! Nonononono! Ow! Ow it fricking hurts you meanie! Owowowowowow! I'm getting fricking kicked!! No! No!!! Ow!!!! Ow, I'm going near the stairs! NOOOO!!! OWWW!!!! (Gets kicked to a gym) Oh crap, it's a gym. I'm gonna go to the gym and I'm gonna get fricking strong. I'm gonna go in here and teach that bully a fricking lesson. (Goes in gym) Hey, can I get a gym membership?

Employee: Yeah you get a gym membership for free. I saw that you get beat up and I want to help you beat him up now so you don't get beat up anymore.


Victim: Yeah now I'm so strong and I'm gonna go find that bully and I'm gonna beat him up bcuz he beat me up and now I'm gonna beat him up bcuz this is what he gets for bullying me! (Walks to the bully)

Bully: Oh crap, I beat you up? Well I'm not scared of you just bcuz you're strong!

Victim: Well, you should be, bcuz now I'm gonna beat you up. I'm gonna fricking beat you up so hard you're gonna cry cuz I'm so strong now, and you're fricking fat! Yeah, it's too late now I'm gonna fricking beat you up. (Beats bully up)

Bully: NONONONO!! OWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Hey, I was just joking around with you. I was just joking. Yeah I was just joking, it was just a joke I was just joking, I wasn't bullying you.

Victim: Yeah, well it's too late bcuz I'm gonna beat you up and you're gonna wish you never bullied the wrong person! (Jumps on the bully)

Bully: OW!! Ow, stop! STOP!!! OW!!! OWWWW!!!

Victim: Oh now you thought I wasn't gonna beat you up?

Bully: NO!!! NOO!!!!

Victim: Well too bad since I'm gonna beat you up now bcuz you were bullying me!

Bully: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

Victim: (Now away from those bullies) Moral of the story is you should never bully anyone cuz if you do, you'll never know what they'll do later in life and they can fricking beat you up if they get strong so don't bully anyone cuz you can get beat up.

The end!

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