SA2 You've Done this final chapter

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So remember when i said i saw something yellow outside my window? Well that was tails a nice not evil tails. i invited him in and he told me about whats going on.

Apperently the sonic world is being took over by Sonic.exe and tails doll and they are using mind control to make all the sonic characters turn evil and open portals into the real world to make this whole army (i know it sounds like a evil plot from a cartoon but).

so we got weapons ready to go into the Sonic world i got the black knight sword and pistol tails got same and we hopped in the portal to the sonic world.

We found our way to the mothership and headed to the center to face them.

We found them and they said "Are you ready for both of your deaths?"

i imedatly started firing at Sonic.exe and tails at Tails doll we finally got them both down and then the ship started a countdown for 50 seconds me tails all the other characters minus .exe and tails doll got out alive

it felt good to save the day and to think this all started out because of a dream.........

Originally uploaded to Spinpasta Wikia by Biblet02. Uploaded to Trollpasta Wikia by I, Da Cashman.

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