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One day the SCP caught Jeff and potato Jeff. The people at the SCP wanted to make their own version of jeff. So they took some of the Jeff's D.N.A and they put them together. They made a really ugly Jeff with really big cheks, they didn't want an ugly Jeff so they said " you are ugly get out of here!" and then the Jeff said "DURRR GO TO CHEKS!"

And he slapped them to death with his cheks. after that him and the other Jeffs left. He got the name WTF Jeff because when people saw him the said "What the Feck". He soon found a chicken coop and started living in it with a bunch chickens. Before long he learned how to speak their language and made some salad for them everyday! But when one of the chickens didn't do what he told them to do he would say " GO TO CHEKS" and slap it to death with his cheks and make it into chicken salad.

One day the farmer went out there and he saw WTF Jeff " ASDFGH WTF ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE? GET AWAY FROM MY CHICKENS, THEY MIGHT CATCH YOUR UGLY!" the farmer yeild and WTF Jeff said "Oh yeah, it looks like you already caught the ugly! And for that you need to go to cheks!" then he slapped the farmer to death with his cheks."

About a week later he decided to get his picture taken! so he went to the picture place and ther camera lady " NO WAY YOU ARE UGLY!! ONLY PRETTY PEOPLE CAN HAVE THEIR PICTURE TAKEN" and then WTF Jeff said "That mean all pretty people need to go to cheks!!" And he slapped her to death with his cheeks."

After that he went to an eye docter to show them his beautiful eyes. When he got there the docter said "You need to learn how to see straight!" then WTF Jeff said "Oh yeah! well you need to learn how to go to cheks!" And he slapped him to death with his cheks!

So the moral of the story is, don't call people ugly or make fun of how they look or they will murder you with their cheks.

Written by ShederShed‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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