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soooooo like this is my OC Do NOT Steal

my name is Marry (Sue) and i was just listening to BOTDF but suddenly my uncle slendy man (i live in creppypasta land) said he was gonna rape my innocence i was like NO JEFF IS GONNA. TAKE IT and i ran outside but the in tripped and my eye fell out so i put a rock there so i could rock Jeffpai's world so i got up and i saw jeff with some girl named jane i was like wait jeff are you cheating on meeeeee! then i stabed jane cuase she called her fan girl mafia on me with gun even though we ar all twelve. so once i stabbed jane. jeff took his own life and then the Creepyspoosta Police Came then i saw my love Hoddopai i tried to kiss him then he shot me he said no hoddopai for you. then i flew away with my super strenght and killed some peeps cause im Marry sue the killler.

(this is pasta is for hoddo congrats on 80k)

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