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So it was all the way back in 2007, when I was sad that a SpongeBob episode was delayed. But when I was scrolling through amazon to buy something, I found a VHS tape that was apparently the exact episode that was delayed. So because it was only 15 Cents, I bought it. It surprisingly arrived 2 hours later, when the delivery date was only supposed to be in 3 days. I thought it was weird but I just decided to put it in the VHS player. It started normally with the intro, nothing too much then, the title card read “SpongeBob's Vacation” I was excited.

So it started with squidward getting ready, he had all his vacation stuff all packed up and he went outside, then he saw SpongeBob, ready for a vacation too! SpongeBob said “Hey squidward!” then ran over to squidward, SpongeBob said “Ready squidward? I can't believe we are going on a vacation together!” The words looped in squidward head as he couldn’t believe what was going on, he thought he was going alone! it then cut to them on an island, it was them on a hammock, then a tsunami hit! It was crashing through as people cried and screamed. Then I was surprised! I thought “maybe it's all okay” . It went to them at home, they were sitting down, they seemed just blank, some eerie music was in the background, then static went on the screen for about 30 seconds. I thought it was my old TV, but everything I did did not work. After the static, something on the screen appeared, it was text reading out the words “SPONGEBOB, I CAN’T TAKE IT” maybe it was squidward, getting mad about how dumb SpongeBob was, but it just kept going on a loop! It would say “SPONGEBOB, I CAN’T TAKE IT” then after three seconds it would disappear, 5 seconds later, it would say “SPONGEBOB, I CAN’T TAKE IT” it just kept going, after it repeating itself for 5 minutes, after that, it went to the bikini bottom news, the news anchor talks about a suicide! The description matched squidward! Squidward killed himself! This made me go crazy! I never thought that Steven Hillenburg himself would make this! It then cut to SpongeBob crying on the couch, it was playing a creepy music, gave me lavender town vibes, after him crying for half an hour, it stopped, like the episode, it literally just went to the credits, but at the end, it showed squidward, in a empty bathtub, with a knife in his chest, the episode then went to black, and the VHS popped out, when i showed the police they thought i was messing with them, but no, this was real! It was driving me crazy! I then threw the VHS in the incinerator, that is my story. Thank you for reading this stupid monstrosity.

Written by Fakeisnothing
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