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The author of the Japanese mahjong manga, Saki, is actually a drug addict. The author's name is Ritz Koboyashi and she was very lonely when she was a kid. Lots of people bullied her and she always felt like an outcast which cause her to turn to a life of crime and drugs.

In 1988 Ritz first started writing her own personal comics. She always went to a shed in the woods to write for unknown reasons. The year preceding, she had smoked a lot of cigarettes and drugs. This caused her to be really delusional and strange.

When she was a toddler, she always watched mahjong shows on TV. Which compelled her to write mahjong comics. However her mahjong comics were very strange. It turns out that Ritz had always watched female mahjong tournaments so she made most of the characters girls and only 2 boys.

The mahjong tournaments were really strange. They had a lot of supernatural powers. The comic seemed light at first glance, but actually. It was very dark. Koromo was a mahjong demon and possibly the devil. She had a lot of devillike powers. Saki herself was also very demonic. So were the other characters. One day Ritz wrote a short manga with everyone of the characters killing eachother and blood was all over.

In 2012 Ritz disappeared and was never seen again. No one knows what happened.

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