Sassy Mama The Hungry Blood Lover

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Hi! I'm Sassy Mama The Hungry Blood Lover.

You can just call me Sassy.

I was a 17 year old girl when I was killed.

I was brutally murdered in the woods the night of a party at my friends.

It was Slenderman's woods. He saved me. Brought me back and I became a creepypasta.

Here's me>>>>>>>

The day after I died I wanted to get revenge. I found my murderer and killed him way worse than he killed me. I hung him bye his feet and cut open every single vein he had, and let him drain. All I did was laugh. He screamed and screamed for help, but nobody could hear him. We were in Slenderman's woods. Nobody dares to go out there (unless you're drunk.) I can never thank Slenderman enough for what he don't for me. I love all Creepypasta's more than anything!! Don't try anything stupid. I have a huge crush on Jeff. Slenderman is like my father. They are all my family now. Never will I ever trade them for anybody.

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