Satan's cursed mansion

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A university student was found dead in a mansion: 13666 Sporfield bolevard, West Uninporton. The student was identified, but the family members of the student refused to allow media to publish his name. This is CSNT news at 6, Uninporton.

The beginning

l know you are not going to believe this. I used to be a skeptic, until this happened. This actually happened to me! You have to believe this.

So, I got accepted by the University of Uninporton. I flew by plane to the city of Uninporton.

The city's skyscrapers poked out of the clouds as the plane descended. The view was beautiful. I woke from my nap as the plane landed on the runway of the airport.

The room the University gave me was horrible! It was right by the ice machine, my roommates were annoying to the extreme, and the windows didn't open. I decided to rent a room somewhere else instead. When I was browsing the avilable places on the internet, I saw "13666 Sporfield bolevard" was avilable for free. I went there. That was a bad idea.

The house was huge! It was a mansion! But the guy renting it won't answer me anything. He just said "Take the key, take the key" repeatedly. When I took the key, he walked out and dissappeared into a green vortex.


The house was haunted. I woe up in an experiment lab, but that was a dream. The walls of the house bleeded everywhere, andskeletons popped out of toilets. The lights flickered, and everytrhing shook! The words"No escape" appeared on walls. Everywhere I see is "No escapeNo escapeNo escapeNo escapeNo escapeNo escapeNo escapeNo escape" I ran out of the house, but it dragged me back in with a green vortex thingy.  Then Satan came out and killed me. Then I died.



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