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This all started a few days ago, my friend referred me to a website he said it was full of fake snuff films. being the messed up pervert i was i decided to check it out and when i did i saw things so graphic that i thought there was no way that they were fake. all of the sudden every time i would close my eyes i would see them weird distorted faces so grotesque that you could hardly tell they were faces they almost looked like they were in pain. later on i started to hear voices calling out to me for help i looked all through my apartment and could find no one i even asked my neighbors if they had heard anything and she just looked at me like i was crazy. news of my friends death had reached me just a few minutes ago the official report said that he killed himself and in the note it said "the voices they wont stop i cant sleep anymore because every time i close my eyes i see them and they want me to be with them to join the poor souls who had ever peered onto that evil website, im sorry Brian i should have never told you to look at that godforsaken website... im sorry." and with that i heard the voices again, this time stronger than ever and with that i take my fathers .358 magnum put it in my mouth and after that last loud bang there was silence, i wake up realizing it was only a dream but the worst was yet to come.

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