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June 10, 1990

Ok, so today at 7oclock, I ate dust for breakfast and I went to school. I came to my first period class which was PE and who came out was the teacher that I hated. His name was Mr. Focker and he came out for attendance. When I was adjusting my PE uniform, he glared at me and grabbed me by the arm and placed his big nasty ass in my face to fart. I got mad later and out of nowhere a guy shot my teacher in the leg and threw the gun at me. I shot him at the head and every kid in the class left the school to just take a crap on the sidewalk and get chased by pedestrians. The school had to evacuate and I left the scene to stay out of trouble. Thiz happens 5 dayz befor i haf leave seventh grade class of 1990.

June 16, 1990

When I left for summer, I had dreams and encounters of my teacher, who was my worst nightmare ever in the name of science. One time, when I went to ding dong ditch his house, I ran away as fast as possible to go home. I slept after the prank and at 13 o clock, I saw him standing in the corner of my room. He looked at me with a grin that reached up to his ears and he said, "I'm gonna fuck you up, you little piece of shit." I got beat and strangled. I also had my hand cut by his pocketknife that came out of his asscrack. I tried to get the phone to call the police and the police came just to arrest me and fuck me up by grabbing me by the foot and munching on it. This is why I think school socks.

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