Sercer Arises From The Devil's Womb

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This is the night that everyones going to die,people bow down to satian. we have a lot of people that are going to kill you, so get ready for this pasta pie. okay so heres the deal

every july seventh at eleven o'clock.. not a demon was stirring , not even an orb. cari thats wrong heres the real story

you still have time to run before the night feast..

every july seventh at 12 oclock, a cereal killer licks my hands while they dangle loosly like a bloody dead rag doll over my bed. it happens because my mom drowned me in a well and fed me tothe underground spirits of a firey chamber known as saintins garden hells angels..

there was one way to save myself, get re baptized in the hands of my demon princess.. once i sold my soul, satin dipped my head back into a pool of blood and drawed an upside down devil symbol star on my chest and sadi this is sercer night now ressurect me into the hands of fires light. on this day i am here to rob your soul to teach you what goes down when #TRUTH AND POWER COME ALIVE.

p.s: dont fuck with the wolves..

P.P.S:jesus called hes sick of the disses i told him to quit bitching, this isnt a fucking hot line

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