Shadow the Demon

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Alright everybody I'm thatshadydude you don't know me yet but you soon will I want to tell you of what happened to me a month ago this will be log one as these will be pretty long I guess I should start off with the start a few years ago I studied under a ancient man in Japan (who's name I shall not give) he taught me the arts of ninjutsu.

along with my brother but my brother was evil at heart and I knew it I told sensai this and he agreed to stop teaching him he grew angry over this and killed sensai I am old at 57 I can't do much more fighting I was visited by my brother last month and it was as suspected he was evil over the past 30 years he has ran a hitman business of assain ninjas that he has trained they dress akatsuki (me and my bro liked naruto as kids that's why we learned ninjutsu) they wear devil eye contacts and have no fingerprints they also die and cut there hair a lot.

anyway I am warning you right now stay from them if you see them but it doesn't matter ways as you well already be dead.

he is their leader now and he goes by the name shadow well back to matters he visited me with a buisness proposal he wants me to join his business but I am good and would never do that he uses kunais as throwing knives, smoke grenades, he has a sword on his back and constantly wears his devil contacts as his eyes are bad.

if you see this man leave town leave the country to as soon as y'all see each others eyes he will eventually kill you for the fun of it he makes tons of money and is raising to the top of the underground well that is all I can say for now as I won't rat out my brothers location plus I'm kinda ranting I will continue adding onto this page as I feel like it please don't delete it admins I must admit this is not a creepy pasta this is real I am telling you this to warn you who knows maybe the admins will be his next target

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