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so i was in me atick and i saw's a racoon having a starring contest with a cupcake.

i was looking threw me boxes and i found something that i think made me glow green(sooper duper huper snuper 64 mario 64). i found a nintendo 64. i quickly fround (i was'y happy).  i put the stupid cartridge or whatever in the 69 (644) (i meant 64). and it started with the 64 thing only was...666!!!

i was instanly (i has no shit) and it showed marios head but he had poorly drawn x eyes that were obviousley made from mc paint.

i tried moving his face but he yelled fuck you and his hand came out of the tv and slapped meh.

i went in the tv and ripped hit nose off. he yelled like a pig giving birth to a plane. mario ran away shitting his pants. it then went to the file menu and there were 666 (7) files!!!.one file had a penguin on it. i obviousley picked the penguin one cause penguins are awesome and your not! go shit your pants!!!.

it showed mario comming out of a butt hole instead of a pipe. lakitu was flying on a penis and instead of lakitu it was wario. he then told mario peach is a bitch!. peaches castle was in mid air on fire and it then exploded. there was 52 bunnys with 5 foot penises hopping on there penises.

so mario walked by me and i picked up a bunny and mario started fucking it. i was easilly disgusted as fuck.

mario then ate part of the bunny and threw it in the water that also hit the wall. there was another castle...and the picture of peach with flowers was instead peach dead with dildos in her. before i went in the castle captain falcon came out and said show me your boobs! and he stole marios hat and ran away and got hit by a ice cream truck that was going like 5000000 miles per hour. mario then got blown up by osama bin laden.

mario was dead and mario flew on top of a flying walrus.

mario came back to life but only he was naked with a huge dick. it was disgusting as fuck.

i ran in the castle and luigi jumped on mario whering a horse mask. luigi then climbed a tree and fell down and died. the thing was the tree was 5 feet tall. and luigi died...

i then went in the castle but the doors flew at meh and squished mario but mario wasn't dead. inside the castle 6 midgette shreks were fighting a living toaster with spoons and pants. toad was dead with a wooden spoon shoved up his ass. and captain falcon jumped down the stairs and died. and i went in a door but it was full of shit in there and the painting was wario holding a donut.

i jumped in and it sent me on a giant donuts and tere were 1 feet tall warios trying to fuck meh hat. and then bowser had mustard in his hand and ran towards meh but he looked like a snail.

i ran and bowser tripped on a peppel and fell off the giant donut into the sky. mario then got eaten by a mammoth.

i started in the castle but there was a party with the shreks dancing and solid snake was pooping in a refridgirator. in the fiderator was only to eat gasaline, rat poison,shit,trash can or santa claus. so i ate santa and the wall grabbed me and humped mario. mario then flew and hit the fan and flew into a hallway and there were dancing cats and there was a door in the hall and i oppened it and a naked mannaquin ran to me and made mario turn into a butterfly. wario then flew and ate the butterfly.

i started on the roof and the dance party was there and all the shreks had wario hats and i notice the castle was in the sky so i jumped down and laned in luigi's pants and then i was fighting pizza...

mario just smashed it and he won. and a skeleton slapped mario with its testicles and mario turned into a notebook. (this makes no sence) so lakitu was waluigi riding on a ban aid and gave mario herpe's. mario started in the castle and the shreks were peeing in the oven.

i went up stairs and in one door was penguins running around and there was 666 (7) doors. i went in the first one and there was a picture of close up shit on the wall. and mario randomly telaported in a room full of mustard and solid snake running in circles...i just jumped out the window and i fell in luigis pants again...i was then fighting a toothbrush in the castle. i just broke it.

and i went in a room full of teorist and the castle blew up. mario then started in the room but the teorist were teorist cats. i ran in the sloth painting before the castle exploded. i was in the grass land and the goombas were walking marshmellows. and the item block was a penis and i got it and marios dick grew 5 feet long. (how very japan..) and the enemies died when they saw it and i went on top of a cliff and it was full of doge's (yes i mean the shiba meme) and the doge's then ate meh and a skeleton popped out. and i was in boss battle it was a goomba and i jumped on it and i won... there was a tressure box and i opened it and luigi pushed me in and took all the money and locked the door. i was stuck. and it showed luigi eating the money and luigi exploded in french fries.

i was then at the final levle and i was fighting kermixx and kermixx just died for no reason and i won and princess peach was a tomato ands i exploded in toast. so i clicked the non penguin file and a skeleton popped out and killed meh and me ghost is written this (scream you fool). 50spooky51me

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