Skyrim Is Dead

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I am 22 years old and what I am about to tell is a true story... It made me vomit way too much... I beg you... Please don't play skyrim... It has a demon in it... It all started off like this... I started my game as a arnogonian... When the dragon came to attack whiterun everything went as normal. But then I saw something... I saw a man in a hood in the background... He was just staring at me... Then skyrim restarded by it's self and then the main menu said "HELL" instead of skyrim. I vomited... This was too scary for me. But I pressed continue... I then loaded into the final battle... The dragon was looking at me and said "I LOVE SOULS I WILL DEVOUR YU N KIL UR MOM" I screamed... My friend came into my room to check what was going on but it was too late... I was already possesed. I killed my friend with my hair and then I saw my mom. I killed her with my mouth and then I went back to playing the game. I continued on and beated the dragon. The ending went on as usual except everyone there was covered in blood. I then wanted to create a new profile... I created a nord But when i did that he had 666 on his face as a tattoo. I just shrugged it off, thinking it was a glitch... But then the police came knocking on my door due to the corpses in my house... I answered the door and they said i was underarrest for being spooky to the neighborhood i then ate them and went back to playing skyrim. but then i noticed whiterun's name has turned into "DEMON RUN" i frowned becasue i couldn't take this anymoer. i jumped out of my house and died. If you are reading this your next.

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