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I finally brought all 538 objects together at last. Little did I know what horrifying events were about to happen. As I pieced together the last object a portal appeared from some unknown dimension. It was the most terrible, rancid, horrifying beast ever created. It was such an unholy disaster. It was, the...


It was nearly every 'famous' pastamonster combined.

When it first emerged from the portal I began to pick out its detailed figure. It had the Slenderman's figure, Jeff The Killer's smile, an extra pair of stubby white arms like Worm Jeff's sticking out of its abdomen, Ben's attire, Jane's breasts, Masky's mask (which was up during the confrontation.), Hoody's hood, Smile's tail, Sally's bloody face, Jack's hunger for kidneys, The Rake's claws, The Phone in his right hand, Mr. Widemouth's voice, and finally... Squidward's hyper-realistic eyes.

It lunged at me and I knocked The Phone out of his nasty claws. It grabbed me and as it was about to slaughter me... it said "You shouldn't have done that now... GO TO SLEEP."

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was sitting in my living room with my mother next to me. Her name was "CreepsMcPasta" she said, "Junior, you sure do have an active imagination." My father "Mr. CreepyPasta" walked in and said, "Yeah son, you were watching static for hours."

That's when I realized... I should lay off the acid.

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