Slender Man in the Mall

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The following was a story found carved into a knife in the cutlery section of a mall:

Day 1: The strangest thing happened today. I was looking for a suit for prom, and I finally found the suits. I turned to the right, only to see Slender Man! I ran into the dressing room and hid for a while, then snuck out the other door.

Day 2: Alyssa yelled at me for not getting a suit, so I went back. I found a section full of nice clothes! Then, I saw Slender Man with his arms around two girls! However, the girls were faceless and pale also! I turned to the left, ran into the children's isle, but then I saw Slender Man's son! He even had a hat on!

Day 3: Alyssa dumped me after I claimed I saw Slender Man. She kicked me out of the apartment, and I was forced to life in the cutlery isle. I found this knife, so I started carving the story into here. Look out for Slender Man in the mall! He and his family are everywhere! OH MY GOSH! HE'S WEARING A CHEF OUTFIT AND A MUSTACHE I N (rest unreadable)

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