Slenderman Orders Pizza

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Slenderman was suddenly getting very hungry. He felt that he could eat a village! He sat up and grabbed the phone. There was only one place that Slenderman knew where he could get some good grub. It was non other than the famous Papa John's. He diled the phon number. Little did the workers at Papa John's know they were getting an order from Slenderman. 

He called, but no one was there. He felt like shouting, but instead he asked 'hello?' No one. Slenderman's insides were turning and doing summer-salts he needed that pizza. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like forever, someone finally answered. "Yes?" the voice said. "Listen," said Slenderman "I need some pepporoni pizza, and the pepporoni will be human meat." Slenderman said. "Sorry sir, but we don't have 'human meat'." the pizza man said. "WHAT?" Slenderman roared. "IT BETTER BE HUMAN MEAT OR ELSE I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU!" The pizza man cringed. 

"All right... then." he said. Slenderman heard his belly grumble. It could have been him, but he thought he heard his stomach say, "I'm..... hungry..." "It's okay," Slenderman said "everything's gonna be taken care of." Slenderman heard a knock at the door. It was the pizza man. "Here's your order sir." the pizza man said. Slenderman grabbed the box, and threw it in the man's face. "JOKE'S ON YOU!!! I DON'T EAT PIZZA! I'M VEGATAIRIAN!!!!! I EAT SALAD!!" he said as the pizza splattered all over the man's tidy face. 

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