Slinky's death

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This is one of the creepypastas I actually feel like I should’ve done better on. That’s why I’m posting it here.

You know, looking back, toy story 3 is pretty dark. It's because of the whole incinerator scene that is why. But despite this, toy story 3, to this day is one of my favourite films. But that incinerator scene I talked about was supposed to be a lot darker. There was a whole scene that had to be scrapped. It was far in development but was replaced with the scene we know. I had looked for the scene for months but eventually, I found it. A friend of mine, Lucas, was a Pixar employee. I asked him for the scene and he said: "look, John doesn't usually let us give delete scenes to strangers, but if you're really desperate, then here." He then sent me an MP4 file that said: "Slinky's death." When I read the title, I was both shocked and confused. Did Pixar really have the guts to kill one of their main characters? I mean sure, they did it with their villains a few times, but this was different. Slinky was a character with morals. Would they really kill a good character in a kid's film? Despite my suspicions, I opened the mp4 which showed contained most of the film. It was completely normal at first other than a few flashes of images I couldn't decipher and odd text that included: "he lied" and "I'll get you for this". The text didn't make any sense until the incinerator scene where, instead of the claw grabbing everyone, slinky dog's was stuck in a lunch box that was welded to a refrigerator due to the heat. Woody tried to grab him but it was too late. Slinky just watched in terror as the fires consumed him in ultra hyper-realistic fashion. His spring melted, one of his eyes fell out and his metal exoskeleton was exposed, then it rusted and melted as well. I wanted to puke so bad that my computer would stop working, but I resisted. The rest of the movie was like the original toy story. The only thing that was different was that slinky was no where to be seen. He wasn't even mentioned when Andy gave his toys to Bonny. After watching it, I felt really uneasy. And I said to Lucas: "I can see why mr Lassiter doesn't allow you to send people deleted scenes." That night I couldn't even get a wink of sleep. I heard noises coming from downstairs. The noises got louder and louder. It came from the living room. I opened to door and in there was a floating ghost of slinky dog. His eye was missing, his ear was torn, his spring looked out of shape and he look like he was a little burnt. I asked: "who are you?" He replied: "Don't you know? I'm slinky dog." I then said: "you look like you've risen from the dead." "What you don't know, the mp4 you opened unleashed a ghost in your house." "Are you that said ghost?" "Indeed I am" "how do I get rid of you?" "The only way to get rid of me... is to burn woody." I was confused. "Why woody and why does he have to be burnt?" "You already know too much..." after the conversation he disappeared. So the next day, to stop the hauntings, I popped a woody toy on the grill, lit a match and watched as he burnt. I never felt the same after I watched that scene.

Written by Gumball2023
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