Slutty Sam

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A girl named Sam lived in a quiet neighborhood with her mom,dad, 2 brothers named Luke and Jake, and 2 sisters, Vanessa and Loki. Now Sam had a darker tale. Sam worked at a strip club, at first being a bar tender, and soon since money was short, became a dancer. Students from her university gave her the name Slutty Sam, and she lost all her friends. One day, she snapped, killing everyone in a violent rage. Returning home, she killed her family. skinning 19 year old Vanessa, having sex with 20 year old Loki, and gutting her afterwards, having sex with Luke and Jake, also having sex with the father James, burning them all alive, and stabbing her mother Anne in the head 17 times. No one ever called her a slut again, if they did, well they'redead now

Credited to LissaTheKiller

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