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(Feel free to add on to this list of 100% legitimate DLC's!)

Mr. Roboto

Mr. Roboto is R.O.B.'s main rival in Smash 4. He has very high resistance to damage and can sing Mr. Roboto by Styx as his final smash. He was announced during a drunken rant by Sakurai and will be scheduled to appear... someday.

Tetris Blocks

While basically one "character", the Tetris Blocks are a fierce race alone and instead of palette swapping one block, Sakurai had included them all. The seven blocks all do the same damage and are all a matter of taste to the player, lowering slowly and instantly KOing the player it hits, the drawback being their terrible speed, and once they hit the ground, they can be picked up by characters on the field and used. Their final smash, however, includes the original theme of Tetris, along with many blocks forming to make one giant one... that very well could wipe out the entire screen. If the blocks fall off the screen, they re-appear at the top and are lowered again and again. Definitely the choice of that one asshole.

The seven Tetris blocks.


You know you want to play as him. That's all I'm saying.


Sakurai announced Bubsy as DLC to boos and jeers from fans worldwide. Though not a strong character by any means, he is provided a squeaky voicebox filled with unfunny, repetitive jokes that could cause the other players themselves to quit out or become distracted, provided the one who plays as him wears some earmuffs. His other attacks include running into foes much too quickly (calling himself Sonic the Second), and yet more slapstick. His final smash involves him turning into Tony the Tiger or something. You're going to love him.

"Remember Bubsy 3D? Those were the days? Right?"

Stone Cold E.T.

He's gonna whoop some ass!

File:Stone cold et.jpg
"Can I get a HELL YEAH?!"

Everyone's favorite humanoid, alien ass-kicker is back and he's ready for the challenge of a lifetime.

Slam your way through foes, and suplex them into submission before they KICK YOUR ASS!

His final smash is yet to be revealed, but someone told me it involved KICKIN' ASS.



That's right. You asked for him, and now, everyone's favorite Saiyan (unless you prefer Vegeta more, you little shits) is ready to fight!

Concentrating balls of pure energy into his hands, he shoots them out with deadly force, and can also glide through the air. (Mewtwo, eat your heart out!)

His stronger attacks include his vast hand-to-hand abilities, and his final smash is the dreaded Kamehameha!

Phil Swift

Phil Swift from the Flex Seal commercials makes a surprising debut where he can saw his opponents in half and repair them using only Flex Tape.

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