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Smile.jeff was originally posted on a know your meme forum made by a creepypasta fan. The image contains Jeff the Killer's head and eyes with's mouth and teeth. Jeff's skin is also a little darker compared to the original photo. The image is said to appear in people's nightmares if you look at it during nighttime. Like Smile.jpg and the SpongeBob bootleg image, it can traumatize your mind.

It actually happened to my friend once. She thought the image was "interesting". I mean, any human would think of it that way. But she couldn't stop looking at it. Once you get attached to the image, there's no turning back.

She claims that, later that night, she had a nightmare that the face/person was chasing her with a knife. She screamed and woke up, suddenly finding a knife on her night stand. She had no such item in her room before the nightmare. Then she saw a long wicked scratch mark across her arm. It was still bleeding.

She still can't get the image out of her head, even to this day, no matter how many times someone gets her off the subject.

The people who read the forum online were creeped out, but ignored it the next day. Then their nightmares with the face occurred three days later. No knife was on any person's nightstand, but it all depends on what the face is doing in the nightmare. By all means, it is something scary or horrifying.

Just thinking that Jeff the Killer likes to kill, and gives people horrible nightmares, explains that this is a mixture of the two put together. But no one still knows how the image does things to their minds, or who created it. All they know is what the image does to them if they look at it in the night.

Could this be a new paranormal creature? Aside from Jeff and the others?

I don't know about you, but I would never sleep again with that image in my head.

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