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There are very few truly wild places left on Earth, the Arctic Circle being one of them - in this frozen wilderness lays many wonders largely hidden from the rest of the world.

The "Snow Beast" is a creature that is said to inhabit the Arctic Circle and although the name would invoke the legendary Yeti of the Himalayas the "Snow Beast" is a decidedly different creature altogether.

Appearing on icebergs just off the shores of many areas of the Arctic Circle the "Snow Beast" is a pure white humanoid - lacking any arms or head but walking on two legs: the creature is said to be extremely dangerous and has many abilities at odds with modern science.

For example the "Snow Beast" is at home both above and below the frozen Arctic waves, being able to swim at alarming speeds and having the strength to capside small boats: it can also apparently appear and disappear at will, though dismissed as pure fantasy there is also legends of the "Snow Beast" being able to steer small icebergs into the line of approaching vessels.

The "Snow Beast" is highly malicious and seems to take delight in endangering the lives of others, both human and animals - the creature is said to regularly kill wildlife and toss the carcasses onto nearby icebergs: one of the supposed signs of the "Snow Beast" being present is finding icebergs with animal carcasses laying on them.

Attempts to kill or injure the "Snow Beast" are said to be futile and for this reason it is blamed for many disasters, disappearances and general misfortune in the remote Arctic Circle.

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