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One day I got a soda stream I chilled some water I did the stuff it said to do but I put the syrup in there was fart flavor pee flavor and poop flavor air flavor HELP add more flavors!

Then then there was a syrup that said lemon lime? Oh no

I tried it in my bumbling water and it tasted like diearahhhhhhhhhhhh I had dieareaigh for 2 weeks I pooped my pants once while I was at the store going to get the marker maker

Now let's talk about the marker maker

We got the marker maker and refill packs I made a pink marker butt it color was poop

I tried orange it was

Oh poop it was

Orange OMG THATS SCARY OMG OMDURMAN Oh my derp I made a box for my makers it said it holds 666 markers then we smashed a egg next 2 it then I farted hard then I got let's go to the store to get preschool made markers YAY they exploded in my ummmmmmmmmmm ass then I threw up in my lamp lets go the store to get a ......... FURBY BOOM!!! We got it it was red it danced then I said it was fuzzy and it obviously went KABOOM then we got a Michael roson egg it was a picture of Michael Rosen on a egg I cracked it on my head then we go to the store to get candy and 3 furby booms and some bread to feed them with but when there were scaned the went KACHOW BOOM then it turned to a // store!

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