Some banned adult swim bumps

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

so you know how that channel adult douche (adult swim) has those weird comercials when it exits or comes back to a show right? those are called bumps and they put some bumps that were to long,inapropiate,violent,weird and more that got banned.

here are the fucking bumps bitches.

bump 1

a guy in a horse mask jumps off a biulding and then the biulding catches on fire and then words pop up saying


bump 2

a eagle was flying and it got shot by a person and he turns around with a horse mask. 

and words pop up saying only you can shoot birds. it then showed a picture of a pelican for 2 seconds.

bump 3

kermit the frog goes to a toilet and starts fapping with the music dr. sex playing.

sperm then comes out of a green puppet dick and some of it gets on duh camera. words then said HELP FAPPING FROGS.

bump 4

some naked fat guys dancing and the milkshake music is playing.

the guy then falls and can't get up.

bump 5

it shows a horse on somebodys roof and it then flys with raibows coming out of the horses ass and crashes into a twin tower


bump 6

some guy stabs somebodys nose in the owl suit

and blood burstes and words say OWLS ARE SCARY!!!

bump 7

it shows a dog with a human face in 711 talking in some language for 5 minutes 5 MINUTES!!!

bump 8

it shows a guy with a sniper rifle with a horse mask shooting people.

it then shows him taking off the mask and under it is a unicorn mask.

bump 9

its the scary car comercial but the creature is replaced with a horse.

bump 10

it shows a toilet and birds fly out of it and a monster penis comes out and falls on duh ground

and words say swim adult.

bump 11

shrek is naked dancing and sonic comes and touches shreks butt

they then buttfuck each other.

bump 12

some guys fapping to porn and a alligator comes to him. the guy screams and the alligator eats the guys leg off with real blood.

and words come and say YOU SHOULDN'T FAP!!! GOD WILL PUNISH YOU!!!.

bump 13 duh last one

a turkeys running and gets hit by a car..


hi put some weird bumps with written and if you has a picture or vid put it all in duh can be usless...

see you all in hell!!!

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