Sonic.exe: I'm Back...

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

My friends have been telling me about this very popular creepypasta called "Sonic.exe". I love creepypastas, but I've never read Sonic.exe before. So I went to the Creepypasta Wiki, and to my surprise, they didn't have it. It was deleted by an administrator for "quality" reasons.

I contacted Tom himself about this, and he said in a weird voice: "K-kyle..." I asked Tom if Kyle was a Sonic fan and he said "No..." I did some research on Kyle and discovered he had a wikia account. I jumped off my PC and checked the mail, because my Sunny D spilt on my keyboard.

As I was walking towards my mailbox, a man approached me and sexually assaulted me with a rifle. I thought it was just bad luck, so I ignored it. I opened the mail box and found a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee. (and an image that showed a bad recolor of Sonic) I thought this was very cool.

I ran back inside and popped the game in my disk. I saw the character select screen, and it showed Sonic... with blood red eyes... I freaked out and dropped my Sunny D in my lap and got a 3rd degree burn. Text appeared on the screen saying: "YOU'RE [NOT] TOO FAST FOR ME!!!!" I jumped out of the chair and emptied my kidneys.

I ran down the basement and I saw an average normal everyday plushy of Sonic... just... standing there... I said "Hello?" And the plushy laughed at me and chomped on my manhood (penis and balls). My penis was bleeding and I yelled for my dog, Dickered, for help!

Dickered ran down the stairs and sure enough, Sonic kills the Sonic plushy, and WAS DRINKING MY SUNNY D! I got up and splashed penis blood on SONIC. He got a bazooka and blew up my basement (R.I.P Dickered). I ran up into my room and tripped down the stairs and Sonic spread my ass cheeks and poured Sunny D down my asshole. I kicked Sonic in the face and stabbed him with a lunch box!

I was slowly dying... because I'm allergic to Sunny D... BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN! TOM BUSTED THROUGH THE DOOR AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED SONIC WITH A KNIFE! I showed a crucifix to Sonic, but, the crucifix didn't kill Sonic; it killed Tom.

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