Sonic.exe: Thanksgiving Massacre

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It was a normal Thanksgiving day. I was in the the kitchen making some Thanksgiving dinner. I heard a knock on the door. I go to the door and open it. Nobody was there. I noticed that my mailbox has been opened. I approach it and find a CD-ROM in it, with black marker written on it that said "Sonic". I liked Sonic games, so I was curious to see the gameplay of this one. However, I have to go finish making that Thanksgiving dinner.

After I finished the dinner, my friends came to eat on the amazing dinner! I showed my friend (Kyl) the CD-ROM I got. He loved Sonic games as well. He took it outta my hand, and ran upstairs. He came back a few minutes later with a blank expression on his face. I asked him what was wrong; but he simply looked at me and left. I was very curious why he was like this. I go upstairs to try the CD-ROM.

I start the PC up, and the game loaded. It showed a frightning picture of Sonic with black eyes, and light blue pupils. I thought it was just a glitch, so I rested the PC. The PC wouldn't reset, and stayed stuck on that creepy screen... I try to turn it off, but it wouldn't. I was really worried. I went back to the dinning room to finish dinner with my friends. However, my friends were gone. I didn't see any of them! I started to get really worried at this point.

I went to the bathroom and turned the lights on. The lights kept flickering... Then, as it kept flickering; I saw the numbers "666" appear in the bathtub for a split second. I ran out of the bathroom and hid under the dinning room table.

As I was sitting there; I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder. I jumped out from under the table and nobody was there! I ran to the phone to call 9-11 and I started to hear a voice... It sounded like, Sonic's voice... I turn behind me and I see Sonic with black eyes and blue pupils standing there looking at me straight in the eyes... He says in a weird voice "Wanna paly?!" I run upstairs, lock the door, and I saw that the PC was turned off.

I turn it back on, and it started the game. I spawned in Green Hill Zone, and I saw my friends in it! They weren't pixelized, they were their real self's! Sonic brakes through the door, and I get a long knife and stab him in the heart. Blood squirted everywhere and got on the PC. Sonic melted and turned into blood. I clean-up his dead body with a vacuum. My friends never got out of the PC.

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