Sonic 3 & Knuckles: The Final Story

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Well one day, i searched a Sega Wii games, because i love them. In the official Sega site i saw a brand-new game - Sonic 3 & Knuckles : The Final Storture so i enter into the page. Then, i utton. I press my asscheeks together .

The game was called S3KDIE.exe . I start it. The title screen was like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. But when i press the enter, it show me a menu with 3 options : Start, Sound Test and ??? . I was scared when i saw ??? and i press it. It was some Japanese message and when i hit enter it show me a killed girl. I was so scared and press it again, i saw behind it tails doll. I press enter again and the game start.

The graphic was awesome. Well after that Robotnik arrived with his ship. Then another sonic appear. I had bad filling about this and when i jump on it, he has a gun and kill Sonic. It has very blood. It show me a game over screen. I just press the start button and i start playing as Silver.

It was pretty good. Well i killed the another sonic and i saw the tails doll. Silver looks like very scared. i can't control him just he freeze. Tails doll found him and then a black screen appear and i hear a scream. Then the black screen turned into a bloody. I press the start button and i start playing as Blaze.

Well, Blaze's my favourite sonic character. I was walking and i saw a house. I enter there and i saw the most freaky image ever. Silver was killed and his organs were all around the house, it has very much blood. Blaze start crying. Her crying was very realistic. In some moments i fell like blaze is behind me. I just turn off the volume and i still hear her crying. Well, tails doll arrived behind blaze and killed her.

And that was the end of the game. I turn off my computer and go to sleep. When i wake up i saw a message:

"Съжелявам но ти ще трябва да умреш. Щом изигра играта ще трябва. Обичам те. От Blaze."

WTH?? Well i know Bulgarian and i translate the message from Blaze. The translate:

"Sorry but you must die. When you play the game you must. I love you. Blaze"

Did Blaze really love me and did she die??? When i turn on my PC the file was deleted.

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