Sonic Boom and the Seven Deadly Sins

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In a moment of clarity, I saw the truth. The characters of the Sonic The Hedgehog spinoff series, Sonic Boom, are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Prepare to be amazed.

Wrath: Amy Rose - Amy represents wrath as shown by her numerous outbursts in the series, particularly her random freak out when Tails questions her elegance. The other characters are also shown to be fearful of her wrath which is quite understandable seeing as how she wades into the thick of battle with a hammer that's bigger than she is.

Gluttony: Sonic - Yeah don't act surprised. Sonic's addiction to Chili Dogs is more pronounced in this series than it has ever been. He's constantly eating, whether it be nachos with sickening sound effects, subpar hamburgers, or the aforementioned cocaine Chili Dogs. The point is that this Sonic has an appetite which would make the typical protagonist of a Shōnen Manga/Anime blush. For those of you who aren't cool, that means he eats a lot.

Greed: Doctor Eggman/Robotnik - This guy wants nothing better than to reenact Dawn of War: Dark Crusade's single player campaign. That's right, he wants to take over the world. It's not just enough to be an ultra super rich General Dictator guy (just look at his outfit, it'd make Muammar al-Qaddafi's ghost jealous), he wants to have it all. Any of you who just made a connection to the Warren G song right now are awesome by the way.

Envy: Dave The Intern - Dave wants to be one of the cool kids on the block but is blissfully unaware that he'll never reach that point. He is endlessly imitating the good doctor in an attempt to be a cool villain. It's not working. 50 Cent would say that he's a "Wanksta" and he needs to stop frontin'.

Sloth: Knuckles - Knuckles in the main series is a cool, strong, confident, and somewhat hot headed character. Well this ain't the main series. In Sonic Boom, Knuckles is slow and dimwitted. It also seems likely that he's permanently drunk and high which could explain the previous traits. Additionally, his overall body shape and strength resemble that of Sloth from the Manga/Brotherhood version of Fullmetal Alchemist so there.

Pride: Shadow - Shadow in this series is basically Vegeta in Dragon Ball's Saiyan Saga. Need I say more?

Lust: Tails - Tails in Sonic Boom is a horny, just recently pubescent Fox. Whenever Zooey or Percy appear on screen, Tails can't keep it in his pants (that is, if he had pants). Don't feel shame Tails, I was that age once so I understand. It can get tough, believe me, been there, done that. But everyday above ground is a great day, remember that. Oh, are you other people still there? Yeah, Tails represents lust.

Sticks isn't on this list because I'm not smart enough to think of anything.

So there's my totally accurate theory that I spent months thinking about and definitely didn't come up with in a few minutes while stuck in rush hour traffic on the highway this morning while listening to Lamento Boliviano by Los Enanitos Verdes on the radio. No, I absolutely put a ton of effort and brainpower into making this, what makes you think otherwise? Anyways, I bet my theory just totally left you all with a new outlook on life. You're welcome for that.

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