Sonic CD (2011) Unused Content 2: The Commonwealth Bank Mystery

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Hi there, I am here with the sequel to Sonic CD (2011) Unused Content.

Chapter 1: The Commonwealth Bank Mystery

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, the SEGA World Sydney Demolition, The Tails Doll Curse, the Max Headroom hijacking, Mario 85, Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned.

Well, I was now trying to investigate the demolition of SEGA World Sydney, thinking that Max Headroom did that. On the way, I was bored. All hope that I had my iPad 1 taken with myself. I started to play the Sonic CD remaster there again. However, the Personalisation AI turned on itself, with the same screen with the sad Amy appearing. Finally, I saw a Commonwealth Bank building, where 666 was written on it. It was on the same place where SEGA World Sydney was back in 1997, before its closure in 2000. All of the sound was just Hill Act 1 from Sonic.exe. I saw a grave which had this written on it:


Jeff the Killer


I entered the building to investigate further. I saw various guys hanging out there, which were Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, Max Headroom, MX and Ben Drowned. Later, Ben Drowned forced me to listen Max Headroom's shitty nonsense. Suddenly, Dr. Robotnik killed Ben Drowned and saved me. He gave me the way to go home.

Chapter 2: Me in The Backrooms

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Backrooms, The Tails Doll Curse, the Max Headroom hijacking, Mario 85 and WHO WAS PHONE?

I decided to go home, assisted by Dr. Robotnik. However, suddenly, something happened. When I was starting to play Sonic CD on my iPad, I noclipped to the Backrooms with my things and Dr. Robotnik. Also, while noclipping, I met Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Metal Sonic. I was in the same famous Backrooms, which everyone knows. It was the same yellow hall with various rooms and yellow carpets. Also, I met Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, Max Headroom and MX again. That was shocking. I was in Level 1. I and the Sonic CD characters (and Knuckles) were challenged into a dialogue:


MX: Lucas is not here.

Dr. Robotnik: You all know Tom and Kyle right?

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: Yes, we saw Tom. In the movie!

Amy and Metal Sonic: We were not in the movie.

Me: Wait what? You all know the movie?

Everyone: Yes.

Me: I also know it and I even watched it. Both parts. Also, I saw Jeff the Killer's grave.


Me: Wait what?

Sonic.exe: I AM GOD

Knuckles: SHUT UP!!!


Amy: You are so scary! *cries*

Then, we decided to run away from those evil vandals. Then, I heard a gunshot, only to find MX dead. I saw Max Headroom with a gun. Sonic.exe has taken that gun and kills Max Headroom. Later, he does his famous Kefka laugh.

Chapter 3: The Zombie Apocalypse War Part 1

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Backrooms, The Tails Doll Curse, the Max Headroom hijacking, Mario 85, Sally.exe, Sonic X Satellite Swindle, Jeff the Killer and Candle Cove

Suddenly, I saw that various dead guys are starting to rise. I saw zombie versions of Max Headroom, MX, Ben Drowned, the Skin Taker and Jeff the Killer. Also, there was Sally.exe. I heard someone crying, only to see that Cream and Cheese are crying. Then, I also saw a zombie version of Next from Satellite Swindle of Sonic X. I realised that Cream and Cheese' TV was hijacked and Next was killed. The Skin Taker roars that he did it.

The leader of the evil vandals, Sonic.exe, says that he did the zombie apocalypse to declare war to me and the Sonic characters.

The sides were the evil vandalistic zombies (Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, Max Headroom, MX, Ben Drowned, the Skin Taker, Sally.exe, zombie Next and Jeff the Killer) vs the nice ones (me, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Cream and Cheese). Later, Jeff the Killer and the Skin Taker revealed that they were SCP. I decided to kill Jeff the Killer and the Skin Taker and eat them, only to find an ordinary secret.

Chapter 4: The Zombie Apocalypse War Part 2

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Backrooms, The Tails Doll Curse, the Max Headroom hijacking, Mario 85, Sally.exe, Sonic X Satellite Swindle, Jeff the Killer, the April Jones murder and Candle Cove

Suddenly, then, some skeleton popped out. It was wearing a red shirt resembling April Jones' and blue skirt. Also, it had black eyes with red pupils, which were bleeding. Here's the dialogue:

Me: Hi there. Who are you?

The skeleton: I am April Jones.

Me: Wait, April Jones.exe is found. But, well, is Mark Bridgers still alive?

April Jones.exe: Well, no.

Me: Why?

April Jones.exe: I killed him as revenge for killing me.

Later, suddenly, April Jones.exe undergoes a transformation. She was identical to her skeleton form, but with red skin and wearing yellow shoes. Later, she has taken Mark Bridgers' decapitated head. Here's another dialogue:

Me: Well, you have killed Mark Bridgers. And where are your parents?

April Jones.exe: Starved Robotnik ate them.

Me: How do you know it?

April Jones.exe: I saw it while I was in hell.

Well, I saw a headless Mark Bridgers skeleton, which roared, after that, April Jones.exe made a bonfire and roasted the Mark Bridgers zombie. She ate Mark Bridgers' head and the roasted ashes of Mark Bridgers. Well, April Jones.exe said that she is affilated with the SCP Foundation. Sonic decided to show Sonic for Hire to her, then, after the episode Oregon Trail, he killed April Jones.exe. Eventually, we met Starved himself, who was with Furnace. They said that they are zombie SCPs. I decided to kill Starved and then, Sonic.exe roasted Furnace. Later, I saw a zombie version of Kenny from South Park, whom Dr. Robotnik has later killed. Later, we crushed the SCP zombies with my iPad 1.

Chapter 5: The End

It turned out that Sonic.exe and Tails Doll still survived. Sonic and Tails are angry. However, Tails Doll activated seven other robotic tails and Sonic.exe has became Super. Later, we brainwash Sonic.exe to cut off Tails Doll's robotic tails. Sonic.exe cut off Tails Doll's robotic tails and killed him. Later, the nice ones (me, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Cream and Cheese) were in the Death Egg Robot, fighting against another Death Egg Robot (Sonic.exe). Sonic.exe crushed Tails Doll and Starved's dead bodies. Later, I decided to use my own Death Egg Robot to decapitate Sonic.exe's Death Egg Robot. Later, we destroyed his Death Egg Robot completely. Sonic.exe threatened to attack us again, but we killed him by crushing him using the Death Egg Robot. Suddenly, we noclipped to a new place of the Backrooms, Level 2. However, it was very nice. It had lots of food, water, clothing, computers and it even had Wi-Fi too!


Well, I am planning the saga of the Sonic CD (2011) Unused Content to be a trilogy, with the final book coming soon.


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