Sonic real story(very sad)

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I was smoking my weed as I was getting ready for the ritual of worshipping sonic.I loved sonic and could always imagine his blue cock entering my fat butt checks ,I even went on website that gives marriage certificates to Sonic characters and I got married to sonic . I bought a huge sonic plush that is very huge and I attached a 6 inch peg to it and I would after busting a nut to sonic without shoes would sit on it completely.I always had to make sure my buttchecks were clean as dime so it never got dirty.

One day I go for fresh air and Went I got back and I had to take a shite it was painful and Incould in the toilet was a VHS andI cleaned it off and I could that it said DO NOT WATCH.Inwatch anyway and It was sonic on screen Sonic then goes away. I started to jerk off thinking about sonics clapping my checks.Then knuckles comes on screen and he started to do mass murder and is was freaking spooky he ripped out the animals organs and ate it and it was very so much the so super duper omega ultra goodness hyperealsticly as possible.Then my roommate who was British went into the house and then left again after seeing me with my pants off.I could hear him say “stupid American”how rude of him!I could see the blood and gore on the screen and the super ultra realistic blood then eggman says the test subject is perfect before showing that knuckles was in a lab and eggman laughed hyperealsticly with bloodshot eyes.knuckles breaks out of the labs and says eggman I love you your hot .knuckles and eggman start doing the bang and I could see white liquid come out of eggmans sexy butt.

Darn it how his the scientist so darn hot.Then knuckles kills himself and eggman cries and shot himself.I cry as they were lover this were best love story in man kind.I could see the blood everywhere then the dead animals, turn into something freaking scari zombies and the eat the dead bodies of them two lovers “HEY STOP THEY WERE I N LOVE LOVE IS LOVE” *They then realize what they did was fucking wrong as heck and apologized to me and brought the lovers back to life and eggman and knuckles get married and it shows them having 10 kids 5 human and 5 what ever knuckles was.It showed eggman with big belly with the baby inside of it and they cry of happiness .I was sobbing this is better they any romance ever .but to my sadness they are on a boat for the 11 child to be delivered but then a storm passes by and knuckles and they 10 kids fall of and eggman is sobbing.

HE holds his belly and promises to grow up his kid.It shows eggman holding the baby is was a there baby what ever knuckles was.It show them grow older it show the kid get it first food it shows the kid walking for the first time,it showed eggman happy hearing his kids first words and he smiled in happy when kid say dada eggman,it then shows a sad eggman watch as it his kid first day of school, they get a pet bird it was cool and and smiled and at the kid and eggman, it show the bird and the kid at a 5th grade to middle school thing and bird smile and say I know you can do can and kid did and it go cool,it show kid act like you are avaerga teen ignorant of dad only what’s to play video game, then this go on until 10 grade when the kid was in his phone go pass a street then a truck know the kid there but not stop laughing demonciy bird see this and push kid out of way saving the kid but get hit the kid cries no this can no be happening and bird say you give me good life and I need u go on be great and bird die and the kid cry and I cry rip bird,it then show 12th grade gradation and the eggman kid hug eggman and cries and is happy.

it then shows the kid in hosue get ready for college and eggman tear up and wave and then kid hugs him for time and then goes in car and waves goodbye,eggman sadly sighs but then smil knowing he is good dad.I was sobbing and spotting so much .It then show and grandpa eggman seeing his grand kids go over there was 6 and he was happy to know he was the best dad and grandpa ever.the thing needed and I was sobbing so hard that I cried and snot as everywhere that was the saddest thing ever I had even seen in my life.

I was going to tell sonic about this sad story but he had a note and anoter VHS tape you fuckin wanker don’t watch this truth or your self will regert learning the bloody truth! Was my roommate trying prank me I will watch it no British person will ruin life.i was not in position of being the one who was correct and intact I was not correct.

Weirdly enough it started and when did start it was starting off zoomed into Amy and not just any Amy it was that britsh Amy with the weirdass quills that go up , and this just makes me angry cause she tries to get with sonic who I am with and it is a British”person” I wanted to see how toy sexy blue man would reject the pink bitch.She had this weird smile at him at was kinda freaking me out because sonic already dating me.I knew sonic would never a 1million a billion year hurt so so I go leave more.When I got back I could see that sonic had what looked like lipstick kiss on his mouth which me trying not to jump to collusions tell and I know whould not do that to me and had that cause he was gonna make out me as he whistle walk away.

I am littile stress but I know what acutl happen this happen 2 time again my my suspicions are littile high but I injnore think he did that do that.then I was not right because then I then see sonic in forest with her I was confused she go then take of the shirt with 2 tits hang out. I YELLED AT THE TV ,BEAT HER ASS SONIC .but then he he he…Grabbed both ends one holding tits and the other on her rump SONIC WHAT THE HELL ARE DOING I SAID BEAT HER …pl..ease do not do what I think you may are doing please…She then strips of the last bits of clothing and he starts doing the sex with her.I start crying and begg him to stop and this goes on her 10 minutes before I go to the sonic with the attached penis thing and start pressing my ass against it pretending I was the one being fucked by sonic and after 8 seconds I busted and there was now cum on the floor I tired again begging sonic to stop and I can forgive him because I love but I was ignored and this went on for 30 minutes and I could sonic busted 10xs as much as all time combined I made him bust the area they were in was covered in cum.

she then asked so how much better was I then ot and sonic said he would never even able to compare to you it nice to able to do this for 40xs longer cause after on,y min he’s busted and his ass hurts needs me to stop.Screw you sonic you aren’t the fastest thing alive you lied to.

I walk and cry I hate my life first kill everyone in my family’s no all my friends and then I hang my self and I die to death

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