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hi my name is mcdonalds jimmy john's the third, and i have this scary story!!! AND ITS NOT F**KING FAKE!!!!!! no fake no deep afaakeeerrrr lloloeolvfloij3innhbjnhdfjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkgfvctgvtyhj

so i was walking down the street and suddenly i got hit in the head and was close to getting a concussion that would put me in a 4 year coma and i would miss out on my life and become a 80 year old man, i got up and looked at the thing that hit me and it was a cartridge of sonic the hedgehog 2, i jumped in joy cause senic or sunkic or whatever the f**k was his name WAIT oh it's sonic nvm but anyways he was my childhood hero when i was a kid, i got to see him go on adventures with his best friend tails, then i decided to bring it home

worst mistake of my life

so after i went home with the game cartridge i aggressively rammed the god diggity dang doodle peppermint you can have the peppermint cartridge into the sega genesis until it sucked it inside so i can play the game and it beginned with the sega logo and the sonic 2 intro then i started the game but before the game started a flash of scp-895's face was on the screen for 2 milliseconds and then the game started and i was playing as tails and as i was controlling tails i got hungry and decided to eat cherry poptarts while controlling the two tailed fox, so i was walking around the green hill zone and then i encountered sonic with his eyes closed mysteriously, but then suddenly as i controlled tails to go closer to him he turn his head around to face tails with a hyper-realistic bone snapping sound and opened his eyes, they were bleeding hyper realistic blood with the red mist eyes squidward had and then he smiled evilly to tails and went over to drown tails in a toilet. i was so shocked that i sobbed hyper realistically for tails, he was my favorite character and yet his blue friend betrayed him like that, i then had to play as knuckles and the same thing happened, but then i had to play as dr robotnik, and i was like "r/holup", was this game hacked by a big fat meanie like ms puff? was i going insane? you cant play as the villan in video games! but the death was different, dr robotnik was being chased by that scary version of sonic and then he ate dr robotnik whole and then the screen changed to him in a dark environment with those same scary eyes and then he let out ruby's scream in max and ruby 0004 and my ears started bleeding hyper realistic blood and i could not take it anymore with 3 hours of screaming cause i know my mom is gonna swing the door open to find out what's happening so i smashed the tv with a real hyper realistic sledgehammer and it was all over. then a scary raspy demonic voice that kinda sounded like sonic told me to turn around and then i turned around like the idiot i am and what i saw made me scream on the top of my lungs like a little girl, it was a plushie of that same evil sonic who killed all 3 characters with rasberry jam under his eyes.

WAIT NO before i could end it there like in the original sonic.exe story i ripped the plushie's head off and the demon harvested inside it with hyper realistic blood and hyper realistic smoke slowly came out and laughed and i shot him with a gun filled with salt and he finally dies. wait no i forgot the warning- please do not find this cartridge.. if you ever find it, set it on fire, dispense your taco bell on it from you butt, kick it, rip it in half hulk style, and flush it down the toilet.

Written by Trollpasta maker
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