Sonic the hellhog (unfinished)

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i was a fan of sega and 4kidz i watched his shows when there was a episode popin up it said sonic x i was exited but when it came it said sonic the hellhog i thought the name was weird but the show started regular with everybody in it but sonic was full of blood and his eyes red instead of green its like he was a demon once he saw amy he killed her that was my sis fave character but mine was sonic but he looked still weird tailds was looking like a demon too his tails are sharp like a knife i was scared a bit when the eps. done i had night mares when i woke up there were 100 repeats of sonic the hellhog when i changed the channel there were more sonic the hellhog one day my freind send me a game called sonic the hellhog it was made by sega the note says by my freind i got rid of the game because he is getting me i was creeped out i put it in the genesis the screen was sonic in blood with red eyes

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