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This episode of Sons of Anarchy haunts me today. Sons of Anarchy was a motorcycle-themed drama series, which ran on FX between 2008 to 2014, about Jackson Teller (better known by his nickname, Jax) as played by Charlie Humann, the president of his motorcycle gang known as SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) of which his late father John had passed the torch to after death. Gemma Morrow (played by Katey Sagal) is the mother of Jax who marries Clay Morrow (played by Ron Pearlman) as the latter becomes his stepfather. All things considered, it was a good series and it spawned original soundtrack albums with most covering vintage 60s-70s folk or southern rock music and a spinoff for a Latino audience. But this allegedly banned episode made me realize that this show wasn't cracked up to be.

According to executive producer Kurt Sutter, the banned episode was set to kick off season 7, but test audiences were rather confused by the events that had unfold such as obvious continuity errors and more grisly imagery The people employed over at FX, as well as the series' cast, crew, producers and showrunners vowed never to air it, and they also added that if anyone dares to discuss this episode, and even mention it, in public, then they would be "sent home with a pink slip and never to return to the studio ever again." I cannot let this go anymore, so here's the episode that I am here to discuss to you. I'm already about to be fired by my boss anyway.

The episode starts off normally, with a cold open featuring Jax and Gemma in a funeral home crying and still mourning the loss of Leroy's girlfriend Veronica Pope for a two year anniversary death. Two minutes in, however, things started to get weird. The screen abruptly cut to black interrupting the episode as if it was some form of editing error, but what really happened next was when the screen came back up and a laying decaying corpse of Veronica Pope is seen in full detail. This sequence also made things worse when the audio was muted and I heard nothing. Just silence. It cuts to black again and then comes back with her corpse disappearing.

The episode cuts back to normal with a scene featuring dialogue with Gemma and Jax, as if that random sequence that was shown previously never happened. But by the next scene, the colors were more muted and Gemma had suddenly disappeared. A poorly rendered CG skeleton (which I assumed was taken off a stock photo website) was seen walking towards one of the motorcycles parked outside. "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorongood starts to play, but I could hear muffled screaming of Gemma as the skeleton rides on the bike. The episode transitions (in Windows Movie Maker fashion) with Jax looking disappointed and wanting to meet Leroy in a game of chess. Leroy was not seen in this episode as he was replaced by a prop skeleton. The episode cuts back to the funeral with no sound playing again, and only this time we see Clay eating a club sandwich like nothing. The scene cuts back to Jax but the only audio I hear is ASMR of Clay eating the sandwich. Footage speeds up and Gemma was seen screaming, but the audio is still completely screwed up. The episode ends abruptly. I tried checking to see if there was any more given the constant cut to black, but it turns out it was a very short episode clocking in at 11 minutes tops.

That's basically the episode I'm gonna have to tell you because if I reveal more, then I'm gonna get in trouble. I mean, I'm already in trouble as is and I think I've said my piece.

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